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How do I add deposits?

To add deposits, go to "Accounting" menu on your dashboard:

Click on the " + Money In" button and select the "Deposit" option from the drop-down list. This way the system will allow you to create a liability type of transaction:

Then you need to choose the payer/payee for the deposit, property, due on date, paid date, category, sub-category and the amount of the deposit. You may add details or attach a file if you need to. Press either the "Create Invoice" or "Mark as Paid" button:

If you are connected with a tenant, have shared the lease and both parties have set up online payments, your tenant will be able to pay it online. If you want to mark it as paid manually, find the invoice on the "Accounting" list, click on the "Details" link and press the "Receive Payment" button:

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Last updated:
Jun. 17, 2020

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