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How do I connect with my owner?

To connect an owner, go to the "Contacts" page from the left menu of your dashboard and select the owner by clicking on the "view” link at the bottom of the contact tile:

Please note!

Before connecting with an owner, you must add the person to your contacts.

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In the top right corner from the "three-dot" menu, click on "Connect an Owner." Check the owner's email or enter one, if you haven't done it yet. Click the "Send Request" button:

Once the owner accepts your request, you will receive a notification:

If the owner didn’t accept the connection request, you can select the "Resend Connection Request" optionThis can be done in the "Edit Contact" mode.

Once the connection request is established, you will be able to communicate via TCMessenger, assign the property to the owner, send invoices, and make payments within the system.



A green circle to the right of your owner's name means that you’re connected, while a gray circle means that you are not connected, or that the invitation is still pending.

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To learn more watch the link below:



Last updated:

June 19, 2020

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