Can I re-assign the maintenance request to another ServicePro?

You as a Landlord/Property Manager can un-assign and reassign the maintenance request to another ServicePro only if the maintenance request is in "Canceled" status. Make sure the request is canceled.

Please note!
When you cancel the shared maintenance request, the assigned ServicePro will get the status update, will be automatically disconnected from that request, and will get a copy of the request.

After you have canceled a request, go to "Maintenance" from the left side menu. Switch to the "Not Active" tab:

Click "Details" on the canceled request:

Select "Edit" from dots-menu:

Go to the "Assignee & Materials" step. If you would like to re-assign the maintenance request to another ServicePro or to your team member, select the needed ServicePro/team member contact from the drop-down list. If a Service Professional is connected to you, the request will be sent and posted to the ServicePro dashboard automatically. If you are not connected yet, you will want to manually enable the toggle-button “Share and post this request to ServicePro dashboard”. Otherwise, it won’t be shared with your Service Professional.

You can add a new ServicePro directly in a maintenance form by clicking on the “Create new professional” button:

Press “Save & Exit“ to save the changes:



Last updated:
May 20, 2021