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How to submit maintenance request to my landlord?

In order to submit a maintenance request online, you must be connected with your Landlord / Property Manager and have the shared lease.


Please, follow the LINK to view a helpful & awesome video guide!


If you are connected and have an active lease shared, go to the maintenance page by pressing Fix it on the left-side menu. Click on the “+ Add Maintenance Request” button in the upper-right corner of the page:


Fill out required fields with your information. Choose a maintenance category from the list or select the category below. There are few steps of setting up a maintenance requests:


You can skip them choosing category from the list. Type the issue and you will see all the possible results:


On the last step you can give the maintenance request a title and note the details about the request. Also, you can add attachments to the maintenance request or even a short video to describe the problem even better:


Press the “Create” button to complete the procedure:


Please note!
You can only upload a 15-second video.

This link might also be helpful:
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Last updated:
Jun. 8, 2018

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