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How do I add keys, door, paint, flooring to a property?

The Specs tab allows landlords/ property managers to add, keep track, and put details about doors, paints, flooring, and keys information. Landlords can add color, type, description for each spec and upload related attachments:

In order to add the record, please go to the “Properties“ page on the left side menu and click “view“ on the desired property. Then, select the “Specs“ section and click “ + add“ on the Keys, Paint, Doors, Flooring sections. Fill in all required fields and press the “Create“ button.

Please note!

You can add up to 5 keys. You can add up to 15 different paint colors, doors, and flooring to the property.

Hovering on each paint, door, flooring record gives you the option to Edit the information entered or Delete the record.

Please note!
Key section cannot be edited, you can just un-assign the key.

This might be helpful:

How do I un-assign/ remove a key from a property?



Last updated:
Sep. 9, 2020

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