How do I rate my Service Pro after the maintenance request has been resolved?

To be able to leave a review for your Service Pro, first make sure you are connected with your Service Pro and have assigned a maintenance request with them.

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After you resolve a maintenance request for which your Service Pro has been hired, you will need to click on a “Rate & Review“ option and the new pop-up window will show up where you can leave a review by choosing the number of stars and writing a description. After that click on “Submit a review.” Your review will be posted to the Service Pro’s business profile after one of our moderators review it.

Please note!
You will be able to rate the previously resolved maintenance request if the date of the resolution doesn’t exceed 14 days.

If your Service Pro resolves the maintenance request on their end, you will receive a feed notification to rate their services. If you accidentally click the “Skip“ option, you still will be able to rate their services by opening the specific maintenance request.


Last updated:
Sept 22, 2021