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Credit Check: How do I screen a tenant?

You, as a landlord or property manager, can order a credit check through your TenantCloud account. This gives you an applicant’s credit score and full credit report, which will be attached to the rental application once ready. 

In order to screen a potential tenant, Landlord/Property Manager will need to have a rental application. You can add application manually or receive rental applications online and then run screening. 

Or you may want to invite to apply potential applicant available in your leads section:

Credit Check: How do I screen a tenant?

Please note!

You must have activated website and listed property to receive applications online. You also will have to activate “I want to receive rental applications online“ toggle button on Rental Application Settings:

How to invite tenant to apply online?

In order to request an applicant's credit report, go to the Applications page, click “run screening” button on the selected application of the potential tenant Select the Credit Check screening package and request it from a prospective tenant or purchase by yourself.

Credit Check: How do I screen a tenant?
Credit Check: How do I screen a tenant?

Please note!

If you request applicant to pay for the report, their's involvement is needed. 


Please Note!
You can pay the screening fee yourself or pass it on to the applicant.

Next, fill in all required fields in order to submit the screening request to the applicant . Please make sure the applicant's email is correct. After you enter all starred fields accept the FCRA AGREEMENT check mark and click the “Submit” button:

Credit Check: How do I screen a tenant?
Credit Check: How do I screen a tenant?

Once the request is submitted, you will see a pop-up window informing you that the screening request has been sent to the applicant, who will be notified via email about further steps. When the report is complete, you will also be notified via email.

Your applicant will receive an initial email with a link to complete the application at the time of ordering and then again in 24 hours, if there is no response. If you paid for the report, a temporary hold will be placed on your card for $38.00. Since pending payments only hold for three days, there are no additional emails that go out beyond the first two. 
Please note!
You’ll only be charged for successfully completed applications. 


While listing a property Landlord/Property Manager can also require a potential tenant to run screening report (CreditCheck report) while applying to the property. 

This link might be helpful:

Can I require screening report from a tenant?



Last updated:
Mar. 10th, 2020

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