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What is Credit check?

Within TenantCloud, you are able to order Credit Check screening report.

Credit Check is a soft pull on your applicant’s credit. It gives you a specific credit score where our credit check is based on a pass/fail metric. If your applicant passes you will be told they met your criteria. If they fail you will be given a list of reasons why they failed the credit check.

The package includes the following:

  • SSN Verification. This is an important step in verifying the identity of the applicant. 
  • Address History. RentPrep will provide address history so that you can verify the information matches up with what was provided on the rental application. 
  • Nationwide U.S. Criminal & U.S. Sex Offender Search. RentPrep accesses all 50 states. Searches the national sex offender registry database providing you with        the information about the offender status of your applicant.
  • National Eviction Search. RentPrep search databases to provide you with eviction history on your applicant. Screening report also includes data on evictions that are served but never fully processed. This is common in cases when a tenant pays rent late after being served a notice to quit.
  • Bankruptcies Search. RentPrep will search nationwide databases to provide all reportable bankruptcies on your applicant.
  • + Full Credit Report with ResidentScore. The full credit report is exclusive to the SmartMove product we offer and is included in the $38 price. This gives you the applicant's specific credit score and full credit report.


Please note!

You’ll only be charged for successfully completed application.

For more information please review an article below:

Credit Check: How do I screen a tenant?


Last updated:

Mar. 10, 2020

Please let us know if you have any other questions.