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How do I refund money to my tenant?

You can provide a refund to your tenant within TenantCloud, whether it's a deposit or any other amount you need to return.

In order to return a deposit, go to the "Accounting" page from the left menu of your dashboard. Click on the "- Money Out" button and select the "Return Deposit" option from the drop-down list:

Select the tenant first. You'll see a list of all the types of available (paid in full) liabilities. Enter the date of the refund and fill in the amount you want to return. Select the "Record as Returned" or "Pay Online" button:

If you simply need to pay back a certain amount (e.g. the application fee), you will need to create an expense invoice. Go to "Accounting" in the left menu of your dashboard and click "- Money Out" and then click "Property Expense" or "General Expense" from the drop-down menu according to your needs. Fill in the necessary information and press "Create invoice"/"Mark as paid"/"Pay Online”.

Please note!
Your tenant must have online payments set up in order to accept the payment. If you don't see the "Pay Online" button, it means that a tenant has no online payment set up.



Last updated:

July 31, 2020

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