TC Affiliate Program: How do I invite a friend to TenantCloud?

You can invite as many friends to TenantCloud as you like and receive an award for each subscribed referral.

In order to send the invitation to your friend through our program, go to the "Affiliate Program" page from the main "Settings" menu:

There are two ways you can invite a friend to sign up with TenantCloud:

  • Send the invitation directly to your friend's email
  • Copy the unique link and share it through your blog, social media account, or any kind of messenger.

To send an email invitation to your friend(s), enter one or multiple email addresses separated by a comma and press the "Send" button:

Please note! 

  • Each email address can be considered as a referral only once, even if it is invited by other TenantCloud users.
  • If the email address you are trying to enter is already registered within the system, you will receive the following notification: "The owner of this email has already created an account."
  • If the email address you are trying to enter has been invited before, you will receive the following notification: "The owner of this email has been invited."

Once the invitation is sent, your referral will receive it via their email and will be able to accept it by clicking on "Accept Invitation," which will redirect them to the TenantCloud sign-up page.

Once a referral signs up, their information will be displayed in the "Referral" section of the Affiliate Program page.

You can also copy the unique invitation link and share it via social media, blog, or direct messages by clicking on the "Copy link" button. 

Once the referral clicks the link, they will be redirected to the TenantCloud sign-up page as well. 

If the referral has been invited by you, the appropriate "Invited" status will be displayed next to the referral's email address. Once the referral is signed up, the "Signed" status will be displayed next to the referral's email address.:

The "Totals" section displays general information such as the number of referrals you have invited, the number of signed-up referrals, and the number of referrals who subscribed to a plan.

You are welcome to resend an invitation to a referral's email address by following the instructions below:

How do I resend an invitation to a friend?



Last updated:

Sep. 28, 2021