How do I activate the Affiliate Program?

TenantCloud is happy to announce the launch of the TC Affiliate Program, which allows landlords and property managers to receive a reward for promoting the TenantCloud service to their interested friends. 


Please note! You must set up a Stripe account in order to withdraw rewards when taking part in the Affiliate Program.

Check whether Stripe is available in your country here.


The TenantCloud Affiliate Program is an excellent way to earn money through your account. For every qualifying customer you send our way, you can earn money and withdraw the reward to your Stripe account.


This option is available starting from our Basic plan and higher.

How does it work?

1. You (the affiliate) can promote TenantCloud on social platforms, through your personal blog, or send an invitation to sign up directly to a friend's email.
2. If your friend sets up a TC account and subscribes to one of our paid plans, they become your referral. 
3. You'll receive a one-time commission for each invited friend who subscribes to a plan.

Your benefits:

  • When you become an Affiliate Program participant, you'll receive a $9 participation bonus to your balance.
  • For each qualified referral, you'll receive a one-time commission equal to the monthly price of the plan your referral subscribed to.

To activate the Affiliate Program, select the "Affiliate Program" option from the main "Settings" menu:

Then click on "Activate the program":

Read TenantCloud's affiliate program Terms & Conditions to get started. You will be given all information and definitions pertinent to the TenantCloud Affiliate Program.

Agree to the terms & conditions by checking the "I read and agree to TenantCloud's Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions" box, and then click on the "Activate the program" button to become a TC Affiliate Program participant:

Congrats! Your Affiliate Program is active. Invite your friends and get rewarded!

In the "Promote TenantCloud" section, you can invite your friends by copying the unique link and sharing it via social media, blog, or direct messages. Or you can enter your friends' emails in the appropriate field, separated by commas, and send email invitations to sign up with one click.

Please note! Each email address can be considered as a referral only once. This means if an email address owner was already invited by you or another TenantCloud user, you will be notified.

This link might be helpful:

TC Affiliate Program: How do I invite a friend to TenantCloud?

The "Balance" section displays the amount you have earned for your qualified referrals at the moment.

Please note!

  • You will be able to transfer your reward from the balance only if you set up the Stripe payment method.
  • Once you have activated the Affiliate Program, you will receive the $9 bonus to your Affiliate Program balance.
  • You, as the affiliate, receive a commission only if your invited referral subscribes to one of the paid plans. The commission is always equal to the monthly plan price:
    • Standard - $9
    • Advanced - $35
    • Premium - $100

The "Withdraw" button allows you to transfer the funds from the balance to your Stripe account.

Please note! The Withdraw button becomes active only when you reach the amount of $50 on your balance. 

These links might be helpful:

How do I withdraw funds?
Why is the "Withdraw" button inactive?

The "Payout Activity" button at the bottom of the page will redirect you to your withdrawal history, showing the initiated, canceled, and processed payouts. The page becomes available if you have initiated at least one payout. 

The "Referrals" section displays information about all your invited friends, as well as their activity (sign-ups, subscriptions, etc.).

The "Totals" above the table will give you general information about your progress:

  • "Invited Referrals" shows the total number of friends invited by you.
  • "Signed-up Referrals" displays the total number of your friends who accepted the invitation and signed up with TenantCloud.
  • "Qualified Referrals" displays the total number of your invited friends who subscribed to one of TenantCloud's subscription plans.

The "Referrals" table contains information about the referrals you have invited to join TenantCloud: the referral's email and status, sign-up date, and subscription status.

Referral's "Status" can be the following:

  • Invited: Your email invitation has been sent, but has not been accepted yet.
  • Signed up: Your referral has signed up to TenantCloud.

You can also resend the email invitation to your friend, if necessary, by clicking the appropriate "Resend Invite" link in the "Action" column. 

This  link might be helpful:
How do I resend an invitation to a friend?

The "FAQs" tab at the bottom of the page will show you all the related Help Center articles that might be useful if you have any questions. Click on any FAQ to get more information.



Last updated:

Sep. 27, 2021