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How do I filter transactions in my accounting?

Transactions Page

The filtering option provides a more advanced way of controlling what transactions display in your accounting. The transaction page shows all transactions by default. 

To filter the information in your accounting, go to the "Accounting" page on the left side menu of your dashboard. Click the "Filter" button and put a check mark to select categories you want to filter. Click Apply to see the results:

The filter option allows you to filter information by:

  • Date
  • Transaction status
  • Transaction schedule
  • Property and units
  • Transaction type and category

In the "Date" section, you can choose the ready-to-use options or enter your custom date range. By clicking the "Reset" button, you'll return to the default filter settings:

Balances Page

To filter balance information, switch from "Transaction" to the "Balance" tab. Then click on the "Filter" button. The "Balance" page shows all overdue transactions by default:

The filter option allows you to filter balance information by:

  • Date
  • Property and units
  • Lease status

Please note!
If you want to view the balances of all lease statuses (ended, past, etc.), disable the "Active" toggle button.


Recurring Page

In order to filter the list of recurring transactions, switch to the Recurring tab. Then click the "Filter" button. This allows you to filter recurring information by:

  • Date
  • Recurring status
  • Property and units
  • Transaction type and category



Last updated:
July 31, 2020

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