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How do I save a card for purchases inside TenantCloud?

In order to add a credit/debit card, go to “Cards & Billing Information” from the Profile Settings page. On the Cards Information tab put your card type, cardholder name, card number, CVC/CVV, and expiration date. Put the checkmark on “Set as primary” to make this your main card. Click on “Create” to save the card information:

Primary card: The primary card will be automatically charged for subscription payments if you are subscribed to a paid plan. The primary card will also be auto-filled on the checkout/card form for the following pages: screening reports (Checkr Basic, RentPrep Basic, Pro, Platinum), LegalNature documents, Property Market Report, and account verification.

Please note!

When purchasing the SmartMove Screening Report, the card form cannot be auto-filled with one of your saved cards. You must enter your card credentials manually. 

Backup cards: Other saved cards will be considered backup cards. They will be used as a safety net and will be charged if your primary payment method fails.

Please note! If you choose a card as primary, that card's information will be automatically filled out in payment forms within TenantCloud. If you have a backup card, then it will automatically be changed to primary once the primary card expires.



Last updated:
July 15, 2020


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