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How do I send money to my property manager?

In order to send money to your Property Manager, your Property Manager should create Owner contribution invoice. Once invoice is created you receive an appropriate notification on your Dashboard and it appears in your Accounting section as well.

Open your Accounting section and select needed invoice pressing on "Pay online" button:

You will be offered to pay by TC Payments powered by Dwolla or Stripe depending what online payment methods are set up by your property manager.

If you want to pay your property manager using TC Payments powered by Dwolla, select this payment method from available options and click "Pay online":

Please note! To be able to pay with TC Payments you need to have a verified bank account added in you TC Payments settings.

Select the verified bank account pressing on"Pay online" button to make the payment:

Watch the video guide to learn more:


Last updated:
Aug. 07, 2020

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