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What does the status of the maintenance request indicate?

Maintenance requests are divided into several statuses:

- new

- in progress

- resolved

- deferred

- canceled

  • "New" status indicates that you've created a new maintenance request or received it from your Landlord.
  • You can view the "In progress" status changes along with a request activity. You will be able to adjust its status.
  • Service Pro work with the request and track changes. Then, mark it as "Resolved" when done.
  • You can change the maintenance request status to "Cancelled". Your landlord and their tenants can do the same on their end. In this case, the sharing of this request ends. Cancelled requests cannot be edited. You'll be able to remove them only.
  • Once your landlord has changed a request status to "Deferred", it will be displayed on your end.



Last updated:

Aug 28, 2020

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