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Having trouble finding your authentication code?

If you have activated Two-Factor Authentication for your TC account, you’ll be asked to enter a verification code along with your password every time you log in to TenantCloud. So if your password is compromised or stolen, only you will have access to your account. 

To sign in, you can use a 6-digit verification code, generated by your Authentication app. Or you can enter one of the backup codes, which you can find on your Account Settings page.

How to get a verification code from the Authentication app?

Please, run the authentication app you use on your device. Choose your TenantCloud account email address from the list. The application will generate a 6-digit verification code for your TC account. You will need to enter in the appropriate code on TC login page along with your password. 

Please note!
The generated code will be valid for 30 seconds. Then, the code changes!

Backup codes

If you have lost your phone or deleted your Authentication app, you can still sign in to your TC account using one of your backup codes. Just enter one of the backup codes when asked for an Authentication Code at login.

The backup codes were given to you after 2FA setup. You can find them by going to your "Personal Information" page from the "Settings" menu. Scroll down to the "Two Factor Authentication" section and click the "Show backup codes" link below. You can print backup codes immediately by clicking "Print" button, or you can copy them and store somewhere safe on your device.

Please note!
You can use any one of these codes only once to log in to your account.


Last updated:

June 8, 2018

Please let us know if you have any other questions.