How do I communicate within a task?

While working on a work order, you can keep all related parties up-to-date by sending messages directly inside the work order. Comments are public and can be visible by the landlord service pro and tenants.

To be able to communicate within a task, you must be connected with a landlord and the landlord needs to share the task with you.

Then, open "Tasks" from the left-side menu, and if you see the “Message” icon on the work order card, then that means you can communicate within the request.

The “Message” icon is also available on the preview page of a particular task. It redirects you to the Maintenance Request Chat within TC Messenger:

You can also go directly to TC Messenger and switch to the Maintenance Request tab:

With the help of Search, you can find the necessary task by its #, title, and person.

Here at the top of the page, you can see all participants of this task and the task's # which is clickable and redirects you to the its preview page.

Below you can see all details of the request, who created it, date, title, description, and an address of the property.

Type in the message. You can also add an attachment by clicking on the "File icon". Press the "Send" button to send the message. Right mouse click gives you an opportunity to Edit, Reply, Copy, and Delete a message:

All participants of this task will receive an email and feed notification.

Watch the video guide to learn more:


Last updated:
May 20, 2021