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How do I manage all uploaded files?

The File Manager is a convenient place to preview, download, delete, and rename any of your saved files. All files uploaded to your account are automatically saved to the "File Manager". You can find it by clicking the "Settings" icon in the upper right corner of your account:

You can easily find the required file by using the search field above. You can also sort the list of uploaded files by type, name, size, and date. Just click on the column title:

Select the file and you'll see the three icons appear in the right upper corner of the table. These are the “Preview”“Download” and “Delete” buttons. Click the preview icon to see the content of the file. Use a right mouse click to rename the file title. Delete the previous name, enter the new one and click “Confirm”.

Use these options to manage your files:

The files with an exclamation mark icon next to them can only be downloaded, renamed or previewed. These files cannot be deleted:


Last updated:
Jul. 16, 2020

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