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Checkr: How to screen a tenant?

1. To screen a potential tenant, click “Applications” in the side menu:


2. You’ll see your Rental applications list made of potential tenants that had ever sent applications to one or more of your units (read How does the potential tenant apply to a property?). Click Run screening report of the applicant you want to screen:


3. Standard background check powered by Checkr will cost you $19.95. To continue, press Purchase:


4. To complete the application process, your applicant must provide some sensitive information, such as SSN # and other screening authorization info that are immediately encrypted and sent to Checkr (and not stored at TenantCloud):

5. Fill in your credit card information and Submit screening request:


6. After you have paid the screening service, your applicant will receive an email request to provide screening authorization. The applicant should log in to their own account, fill out the necessary fields and click submit.

You will receive a notification when the screening was authorized and the report is pending. 

7. When the report is ready, you will receive the email. The background report is automatically shared with the applicant.
Press Load report to see the personal information of the applicant:

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