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How do I sign the lease agreement?

Once you are connected with your landlord/property manager, you must have a shared lease in order to view the rental information, pay rent online, submit maintenance requests, and much more.

You can view the available lease agreements and rental information on the homepage (accessed from the left menu of your dashboard).

Please note! 

  • If you are connected with your landlord, but do not see your active lease, you can easily click "Request to share the lease" button, it will redirect you to the TC messenger where you can ask your landlord to share the lease with you.  Your landlord/property manager can share a lease with you or require you to sign the agreement. If the lease is shared, no further action from you is required.


  • To be able to sign a lease, you must be connected with your landlord/property manager.

           If you are not connected with your landlord, this article might be helpful:

           How do I connect with my landlord?

How do I sign the lease agreement?


If your landlord or property manager has required you to e-sign a lease agreement using TenantCloud, please log in to your account, and you will be automatically redirected to the homepage displaying the pending agreement. Click on the "Sign Agreement" button:

How do I sign the lease agreement?

You will be redirected to a page with the lease agreement which consists of "Property & Tenants", "Insurance" and  "Agreement & Signature" sections. View all the lease details of "Property & Tenants" section and press "Continue":

How do I sign the lease agreement?


Your landlord can require you to purchase "Renters Insurance" as a part of move in process. If it is required by your landlord please press the "Get the Quote" button and view the options. Alternatively, you can provide your own insurance by clicking on “ I have Renters Insurance ” in case you already have a policy. If the Renters Insurance is not required, you can click on the "skip" button to skip this step and sign the agreement(s):

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How do I sign the lease agreement?

In the "Agreement & Signature" section you can review the agreements and sign by clicking on "Sign here" under  the Tenant Signature section. You can either type or draw a signature . Confirm your name and initials and click on the "Agree and Sign" button:

How do I sign the lease agreement?


Watch the video guide to learn more:

Congratulations! The lease agreement has been signed and is active.


Last updated:
Oct. 28th, 2019

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