How do I set access permissions for each admin?

In order to set access permissions for each of your account admins, select the “Team management” option from the settings menu. You can set access permission for your admins when adding a new admin account, or you can change an admin’s access permission at any time by editing their profile.

Please note!
The team feature is available with the Business Plan.

Click the “+ team member” button on the left side bottom of the page. Fill in all the required user’s contact information and set access permission by checking the required boxes. You can also change access permissions for an already-created admin account. Just select "Edit" for an account, check the required boxes, and press the "Update The Settings" button to save your changes.

Please note!
You cannot edit the team member's email address once they have set up the account under the email that was used for the invitation. 


The team member has their own profile and e-sign settings, and they cannot access the profile settings of the main admin, account subscription page, e-sign, or team management settings. 

The main admin can allow team members to access and/or configure the rest of the settings. Please note that configuring permission allows editing, updating, and deleting of settings permanently. Make sure you give the right permissions to the right people.

The activity log allows you to track changes made by each admin.


Last updated:
Sep. 27, 2021