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TaskEasy offers tasks like lawn mowing, aeration, and other home and property maintenance services. Contractors who perform services for you can even suggest custom tasks. They're adding new tasks in short order. If you don't see a task you need just email and they'll help you out.

To get a free quote,  got to your "Home page" from the main menu. Click on "view details" on your lease to view the lease details. Select "Utilities" tab and in Utility Providers section you will find Task Easy widget. 

Task Easy uses technology to determine a fair set price based on market demands. TaskEasy works with a growing network of screened, rated, and insured contractors nationwide.

Task Easy


TaskEasy is free to use. There are no membership fees to set up or use an account. When you order a task, the price you see is what you pay for. There are no hidden fees.


Last updated:
Aug. 27th, 2019

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