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How to move in a tenant?

To move in a tenant, click on the "Contacts" button in the left-side menu on your dashboard. The default page shows the moved in tenants, click ''No lease'' option to view those tenants that are not moved in. Find the necessary tenant and click on the "move in" button under the tenant's name:


The Move In process includes few steps to set up the recurring rent invoicing, deposit and other details. Fill out all the necessary information of the lease including property, unit, lease type, dates, rent schedule, cost of rent per month, and other details. Press the "Next" button:

Please note!
Make sure you have entered the correct ''First Invoice date'', as the system will post all recurring invoices based on the first invoice date and the schedule. This option is helpful when you want to add all the past transactions.


On the second page of the lease entitled "Extra Fees and Utilities" fill in: Late Fee Settings, Management Fee, Utilities, enable email notifications. Press the "Next" button:


"Insurance" is the third step of the Move In process, you can enable the "Require Tenant(s) to Purchase Renters Insurance" toggle button if it is needed. Renters Insurance will cover your personal property and personal liability. Press the "Next" button:

This might be helpful:

Why should you require liability insurance?
Can landlord/community be listed as an additional insured?

Can roommates share coverage through one policy?


On the last step of lease "Agreement & Signature" you can include agreements, upload attachments and even ask to sign the added agreements and addendum by activation the  E-Sign option. This is not required and you can attach already signed agreement. 

Please note!
The E-signature option is not available in the free basic account. If you want to be using this option, please upgrade your account subscription.

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How to update electronic signature?
How to add Residential Agreement template?

Do not forget to press the "Complete Move In" button (if you do not require E-signature) or the "Send to Sign" button (if you do require E-signature).


There can be three possible statuses:
Active - a tenant(s) is moved in successfully and the system will keep posting the recurring invoices.
Signature Pending - a tenant or all tenants need to sign the agreement. The system will NOT post the recurring invoices.
Insurance Pending - a tenant or all tenants need to purchase the Renters Insurance. The system will NOT post the recurring invoices.


Please, follow the link to view a video guide.


Last updated:
June 19th, 2018

Please let us know if you have any other questions.