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Checkr: Why is the background check taking longer than anticipated?

The background check is pending for a longer time than usual for one of two reasons:

1) There is a pending county search, where Checkr must verify records at the source county court level. County criminal searches can take up to three weeks if we are searching for criminal records in a county that processes requests in a less efficient manner. Some counties are understaffed and overburdened by thousands of search requests each day. Since criminal records are public information, Checkr must wait in line with everybody else.

Most County searches take 2-3 days to complete, but searches of 3+ weeks do occur in a minority of cases. No further information or action is required.


2)  The candidate has not responded to our request for additional information. In certain cases additional documentation, such as a photo of an ID, driver license or SSN card, must be provided by the applicant in order for Checkr to complete a maximally compliant and accurate background check. When these exceptions arise, Checkr emails the applicant automatically.


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Last updated:
Apr. 12th, 2019

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