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Can I request screening report from an applicant?

Yes, you can request screening report from an applicant. If you want applicants to provide their tenant screening report, you can request it in few different ways:


1.While creating your property manager's account, select “I want to add and screen an applicant” onboarding scenario:

Can I request screening report from an applicant?


2. Request screening report from an applicant, who has submitted their rental application online;

In this case, go to the "Applications" page and press the "Run Screening" button on the necessary application. Here you can choose screening report. Then, select the "Require from tenant" option in order to make tenant responsible for the payment and send the screening request.

Please note: you must have an active marketing website and a listed property to receive applications online. You also will have to activate “I want to receive rental applications online“ toggle-button in Rental Application Settings or when creating a listing.

For more information please go to:

How to invite tenant to apply online?

Can I request screening report from an applicant?

3. Add rental application manually and then request screening report:

Can I request screening report from an applicant?

4. In the process of submitting a listing. In this case, your tenants will be responsible for the payment and you will require a Credit Check report.

To require the screening report in the process of listing a unit, please go to the "Marketing" page on the left-side menu and press the "Edit Listing" button on the necessary listing:

Can I request screening report from an applicant?

On the third step of the listing - "Application settings" - you can see the "Require applicants to get screening" option. Be sure you enable it and save changes on the last step of the listing:

After doing that, your applicants will need to provide the screening report after submitting their rental application. You can track the status of the screening report on the Applications page.


Please note!

Screening option is available only for US properties and applicants.



Last updated:
Mar. 10th, 2020

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