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How do I see what plan I am subscribed to?

To view your current subscription plan information, select the "Account Subscription" option from the main "Settings" menu:

You can take a look at your current plan limitations & usage and included features. You can also view your latest billing history, as well as information about your primary credit/debit card that is automatically charged for subscription payments.

The Plan Usage widget displays the information about your current subscription plan's limitations & usage. When the limits are reached, the appropriate bar becomes red. If your current subscription plan includes unlimited features, the appropriate bars will be green. Hovering over an option's tooltip shows additional information:

The "Included Features" widget displays the list of features available in your current subscription plan:

The "Primary Card" widget displays the information about your primary credit/debit card that is auto-filled on the checkout forms across your account. Click on the “Cards & Payment Information” link if you would like to make another card a primary payment method, view your saved cards, edit, or remove a card.

The following links may be useful:

The "Billing History" widget displays the five most recent purchases made within TenantCloud, including subscription payments. If you would like to view your entire billing history, click on the "View billing history" link at the bottom of the widget.

This link may be useful:

This link may be useful:



Last updated:
July 14, 2020

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