How do I create an invoice?

To create an invoice, go to the "Accounting" page on the left-side menu of your dashboard.

Choose between "+Money In" and "-Money Out" tabs depends on what type of invoice you want to create. "Money In" allows you to create the income and liability invoices. "Money Out" allows you to create the expense invoice:

Let's view an example on a "Money in" invoice. 

Choose the "Property Income" tab if you want to create an invoice that is related to the property accounting. Fill in the necessary information and press the "Create Invoice":

Or you can mark invoice as paid if needed and confirm the action by providing the necessary information:

If you would like to pay online, click create invoice and then pay online:

Choose the "General income" tab if you would like to create an invoice that is not related to a property. Fill in the necessary information and press the "Create Invoice" button. Also, you can enable the "Mark as paid" toggle button and the system will create a payment:

Please note! 

If you are connected with your tenant and have an active, shared lease, the invoice will be posted to their accounting immediately after you've created it. There is no option to RESEND the invoice. 

For better understanding of the difference between property and general accounting invoices, watch this video:


The following video might be useful as well:


Last updated:
Sept 24, 2021