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How does the potential tenant apply to a property?

To receive an application from a potential tenant, you need to list your property first. Once the unit is listed, in the unit view you will see multiple options (email, twitter, facebook) for sending that listing directly to a potential tenant:

When you send rental application to your tenant, they will receive "Invitation to apply online for the rental unit" on their email address. Tenant should press "Apply Online" button:

On your listing, the potential applicants will have a place to "Apply Now":

Tip: When you're logged in as the administrator of your own account you won't see the “Apply Now” button, however, your prospects will see it.

Tenant can press "Log In" if they already have an account in TenantCloud and type in the email address and password to be able to log in to the system:
If a tenant do not have an account inside TenantCloud, they should fill in necessary information to be able to set up a free TenantCloud account to continue filling in and submitting their application online:
Tenant will receive an email with a code to ensure they are a real person. They should verify the account by clicking the button or copy and paste the code XXX XXX:
Then, press "Let's Get Started" button:
Tenant should go to "Applications" in the left-side menu on their dashboard and press "view" on the necessary rental application which is in draft state:
Then, fill in the necessary information and press "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. After applicant’s submitting it, this rental application will go straight to landlord's account for their review:


Last updated:
September 6th, 2018

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