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Dashboard Widgets Introduction

Your Dashboard is designed to keep you up-to-date on your rent and accounting information. It includes various widgets with custom options, quick buttons and features available throughout your account. The dashboard will give you quick access to all the important information:

Outstanding Balance widget is located in the upper left corner of your Dashboard. It shows the relevant rent invoices posted by your landlords. Click the "view invoices" button to display the Lease Transactions History and to Pay a specific invoice via TenantCloud. If there's more than one invoice to be paid, use the "Arrow"icons at the sides of the section to switch between them:



Connection Requests
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Connection request widget will notify you about all the new requests from the Landlord/Property Manager who manages the properties you rent and they will need to connect with you over TenantCloud to share the lease and send invoices. Click the "view request" button to accept or decline the connection request from a landlord. This widget will also display the notifications about new shared leases you need to sign. Click the button below to Review the Lease details:


Please note!
In order to pay rent and other invoices online, as well as add maintenance requests, you have to be connected with your landlord and have a lease shared.

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Maintenance widget shows all maintenance requests for your rental, that are Submitted, In Progress or Resolved. The Status of the request is shown in the upper left corner of the widget. To view specific work order details, press on the Request Title. Click the "view all" link at the bottom of the section to display the list of all maintenance requests. If there is more than one request, click the "Arrow" icon ot the sides of the section to switch between them:


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Tenant Match

Tenant Match widget displays the number of the vacant properties that match your interests listed on the WishlistTenantMatch brings tenants and landlords together in an effort to meet each other without any fees involved. Tenants can get exposure to listing not yet on the market and landlords can find new tenants before a unit is even vacant. To view the list of matching properties, click the "view matches" link below:


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News Feed

Using TenantCloud, you will be notified of all the important actions and events regarding your rentals. You can find the "News Feed" widget on the right side of your Dashboard. All notifications are posted in date and time order with the newest items showing at the top. The unread notifications are marked with the "New" label. To view the detailed information or to go to the desired page, click on the Notification Title:


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Last updated:

Jun. 21, 2018


Please let us know if you have any other questions.