How do I assign/ un-assign a key to/ from the unit?

TenantCloud offers a Keys & Lock Management Tool which helps you to keep track of the keys and locks you add to the unit or property. This option is available starting from our Growth subscription plan.

There are two options for how you can assign/ un-assign a key to/ from a unit.

1. To assign/ un-assign a key to/ from a unit, go to "Keys & Locks" from the "Settings" menu. Click the “add key“ button at the top right corner of the account:

Enter the key number, select property/ unit from the dropdown menu, fill in the rest of the information, and click “Create“:

The key can be removed by clicking on the “trash“ icon next to the necessary key. This action will permanently remove a key from the particular unit.


2. Go to Properties on the left side of your Dashboard and click the view link on the necessary property. Click “view units“ and select the unit for which you would like to add a key:

Switch to the “Specs“ tab. Click the “Assign“ button and select the needed key or create a new key and click 'Create' to save the changes:

If you would like to un-assign a key, hover over the key record and select the “Delete“  icon to un-assign the key from the unit:



Last updated:
July 15, 2021