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Let's get started with TenantCloud!

TenantCloud Software offers plenty of useful features for Landlords and Property Managers, e.g., collecting rent online using one of our convenient payment methods, taking advantage of automatic accounting features, and pulling informative financial reports. Using TenantCloud you can also store all important rental info in one convenient place, upload move-in/out pictures, manage maintenance requests with ease, accept rental applications and sign lease agreements online, communicate with other users, and much more.

Account Setup / Profile Information

Once you've signed up on TC as a landlord, the first thing you need to do is to set up your account and provide some information about you and/or your company. This will help you to quickly and easily get on board. Fill in your contact information, choose between the "Property Manager" or "Landlord" account type (note: some features will depend on your choice), upload your profile picture, select the required configurations, and press the "Let's Get Started!" button at the bottom of the page:

Let's get started with TenantCloud!

Let's get started with TenantCloud!



This is your Dashboard. It includes various widgets with custom options, quick buttons, and features available for your account that give you quick access to important information and  provide you with an overview of the activity within your landlord business. Use "View all" links and call-to-action buttons to get to the required pages or features:

Let's get started with TenantCloud!

Let's get started with TenantCloud!


This link might be useful for you: 
How to customize the dashboard?


This page shows the list of all your property details, including tenants, accounting information, reminders, and maintenance requests for each property. It is divided into Properties and Units for your convenience:

Let's get started with TenantCloud!

Let's get started with TenantCloud!


Click the "+Add Property" button in the upper right-hand corner of the page to create a new item. You can also import all property data, if necessary. For that, press the "Import" button above. To find a certain property from the list, use the "Search" icon or the "Filter" button:

Let's get started with TenantCloud!

Let's get started with TenantCloud!

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How to add a property?
How to add a unit?

You can view the information about TenantsEquipment, and Maintenance Requests assigned to a specific property, as well as its Accounting. For that, select the appropriate option from the Property info card:


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How to connect with a tenant and share their lease?
How to submit a maintenance request?

Click the "View" link at the bottom of the info card to display and edit your property information. You can also purchase a Rental Report for each property by clicking the appropriate button:


You can switch between Properties and Units by selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown list:


The "Units" page gives you an opportunity to easily and quickly List your rentals or "Move In" a tenant. Just click the corresponding buttons below the unit's info:



The "Accounting" page is divided into "Transactions" and "Balances" sections:


The "Transactions" page displays all your invoices and keeps track of the funds sent to and received from connected users.

Each transaction has a certain status:
- "Unpaid": posted invoices that are due to be paid. 
- "Pending": submitted payments that haven't been cleared to the bank yet.
- "Partial": indicates that a partial payment has been provided and there is an outstanding amount.
- "Failed": indicates an online payment was unsuccessful.
- "Void": indicates the transaction is visible, but is not calculated in the reports.
- "Paid": indicates payments that have been processed.

Click the "Details" link to view the complete transaction information:


To create an invoice, use the "+Money In" and "+Money Out" buttons located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. To find a certain transaction, click the "Filter" button above. You can also download transaction data in .CSV format. For that, click the appropriate button next to the "Filter" option:

This link might be useful for you: 

How to create an invoice?

To switch between Transactions and Balances, select the appropriate option from the dropdown list on the left of the screen. The "Balances" page shows the outstanding balance for each tenant. Click the "Accounting" icon from the right to display each tenant’s transaction history. To send a "Notice" to a tenant, use the appropriate button below the username. If you need to view only Active Lease information, activate the toggle button above the table:


If you are a Property Manager, you will see an additional "Management fee" section on the "Accounting" page. There you will find the list of Management fee and Owner Distribution transactions. You can sort them by owner or by property. Select a transaction to Delete it or to Record as Paid:


All of your contacts can be found in the "Contacts" section of your account. The list includes both the users that were connected to you online and added manually. The "Contacts" section is divided into "Tenants" and "Service Pros" sections. You can switch between them using the dropdown list above:




To add a user manually, click the "+ Add Tenant" or "+ Add Professional" button (depending on the user type). The button is located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can also import all user data by clicking the "Import" button above:


On the "Contacts"/"Tenants" page, you can view all Leases shared with a certain tenant or display all Transactions assigned to them. For that, select the appropriate option below the tenant's name:


On the "Contacts"/"Service Pros" page, you can view all Tasks and Transactions assigned to a certain professional. For that, select the appropriate option below the username. To create a new invoice for the Service Pro, click the "+ expense" button below:

Click the "Profile" link below the info card to view and/or edit user profile information. Click the "Messages" icon next to the user’s profile picture to send a message:



Please note!
Only connected users can provide online payments, as well as communicate with you via TC Messenger.

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If you are a Property Manager, you will find the additional "Owner" section on your "Contacts" page. There you can add an owner by clicking the "+ Add Owner" button, as well as view Properties and Invoices assigned to them by selecting the appropriate option below the owner's name:

Check the User Connection Status (two circles next to the username) to be sure you are connected to your landlord. The User Status will be gray if you are not connected or green if you are connected:


To find a certain user, use the "Filter" button or the Search icon above. You can also sort your users by "Moved in," "No Lease," and "Archived" statuses for Tenants and by "Professionals" and "Providers" for Service Pros:

The "Reports" page allows you to pull various reports for your properties, including rental and financial information. The reports are created automatically and cannot be edited.


Using TenantCloud, you can view such reports as:

  • Screening Report
  • Property Expense Report
  • Monthly Property Report
  • Lease Statement
  • Operating Statement
  • Rent Roll
  • Tax Preparation Report
  • Tenant Statement
  • Provider Statement
  • Contacts Report
  • Maintenance Report
  • Online Payments Report
  • General Expense Report
  • General Income Report
  • Deposit Details Report

Choose the item you are interested in and click the "View" link next to it. 

Read more on: 
What reports can I find in TenantCloud?

You can also purchase the Property Market Report powered by RentRange, that provides valuable insight for investment property analysis:

This link might be useful for you: 

How to purchase the Rental Market Report for my property?

Landlords and Property Managers can use the Amortization and Depreciation Tracker within the TenantCloud service. 

The Amortization Tracker allows you to track loans that are connected to your properties and separate the interest from principal in your tax preparation report.

The Depreciation Tracker allows you to track annual depreciation for your residential and commercial rental property, which is also used in your tax preparation report.

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How to use the Depreciation Tracker?
How to use the Amortization Tracker?


The "Maintenance" page is divided into the "Requests" and "Reminders" sections. 

The "Requests" section displays the list of maintenance requests assigned to your properties that are OpenIn Progress, and Resolved. Some requests can be sent by the connected Tenants/Service Pros, and some can be added manually. To add a maintenance request, click the "+Add Maintenance Request" button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. You can also view the Request details by clicking the "View" link at the bottom of the Request info card:


Please note!
You can assign your maintenance requests only to Service Pros connected with you. 

How to connect with my service pro? 
How to submit a maintenance request?

The "Reminders" section will help you remember all the important and upcoming tasks regarding your property. To add a reminder, click the "+Add Reminder" button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Use the call-to-action buttons to Edit or Delete a Reminder:

Adding and accepting rental applications online, as well as screening reports, are available on the "Applications" page of the left side menu. On this page you will find applications added by prospective tenants and those added by you manually.



Click the "+Add Application" button in the upper right-hand corner to manually add information about a new applicant. To change the application's status or to edit an application, click the "View" link at the bottom of the info card:

To learn more, read: 
How to add application?

On this page, you can also order a Screening Report for the potential tenant. Background checks are powered by Checkr and RentPrep. To run a screening report, click the "View Screening Report" button below the potential tenant's name:

To learn more, read: 
How to screen a tenant?



You can set up a free Landlord Website, list your vacant rentals, and receive application fees and rental applications online on the "Listings" page from the left side menu:


Within TenantCloud we have TenantCloud rentals, an internal TenantCloud listing source which helps everyone find their perfect home, office, or even parking space.

To learn more, read: 
What is TenantCloud Rentals?

TenantCloud also offers landlords a free Marketing Website which helps with finding tenants, listing rentals, and sharing information about your company, agents, location, etc.

This option will post your rentals to eight rental listing websites, including Zillow, . Each TenantCloud tenant can get there right from their dashboard and look for vacant listings in their area by filtering for cities or zip codes. Therefore, posting your listing to TC Rentals will give you more ways to find tenants quickly and efficiently.

To list your property, first, you have to Activate Free Listing Website by clicking the appropriate button. Fill in your contact information, select the required configuration, and click the "Publish Website" button:



This link might be useful for you: 
How to activate and edit content at your landlord website?

To list a property, go to the "Unlisted" tab. Select a property and press the "List this unit" button next to it:



This link might be useful for you: 
How to list a unit to Marketing websites?

Go to the "Listed" tab to view all your listed units. Click the "View Listing" button to display or edit a unit's information. You can edit your Marketing Website settings with ease. Just click the "Edit Marketing Website" icon. The "Tenant Match" section shows the number of tenants whose requirements meet your offer:


TC Messenger

Using TC Messenger, you can easily communicate with your tenants and service pros, as well as send important files to them. Clicking the "Messages" icon in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard takes you to the list of your dialogues:

To view or edit your account information, use the "Settings" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. On this page, you can change your account information, login, password, set up online payments, and manage all uploaded files across your account:Please note!
You can only send messages and files to connected users. 

These links might be helpful: 
How to send a message? 




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How to manage all uploaded files?
What is Trust & Verification?

Using TenantCloud, you will be notified of all important actions and events regarding your business and clients. You can view your notifications by clicking the "News Feed" icon in the upper left-hand corner of the page:

This link might be useful for you: 

How to view the feed notifications?


The Calendar widget will make it easier for you to plan your work. You can add Reminders and view those assigned by your service pros. The calendar widget is located on your Dashboard. You can also view reminder details by clicking the "Calendar" icon on the upper left-hand corner of the page. There you can add items by clicking the "Add reminder" button or manage your notifications using the appropriate buttons and icons. Synchronize your TC Calendar with your Google Calendar by activating the toggle button:


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Customer Support

If you happen to have any questions or need any assistance, Submit a ticket to our support team, and we will do our best to help you as soon as possible! You can find the "Support icon" in the bottom left corner of your Dashboard:

Enjoy TenantCloud!


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Sep.28, 2018

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