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Use PayPal to Collect and Pay Rent!

November 11, 2015

Today, we are excited to announce that thanks to the partnership with PayPal, TenantCloud users can pay their rent easier than ever. Now PayPal is officially integrated as a payment option within the TenantCloud system.

Online Rental Payments with TenantCloud

“Once you setup your PayPal account, you can pay rent in one click, making it extremely fast and easy,” says Joe Edgar, co-founder of TenantCloud. “And, of course, when paying with PayPal you don’t have to worry about your financial information being shared or being stored in a place that may be vulnerable to hackers.”


How to Enable?

TenantCloud’s partnership with PayPal allows landlords to collect and manage rent payments online in a few clicks. Landlords can enable PayPal in the setting menu at


The way PayPal works is very simple - after landlord sets up their PayPal account, tenant will be able to pay rent instantly, so they don’t need to type credit card numbers every time the new payment request comes. As for the timing, PayPal transfer is instantaneous, which means landlords are now able to receive payments right after they were sent. That is really much faster than money orders and cheques.