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Invite Your Tenants

February 26, 2019

We’ve noticed that many landlords who use TenantCloud don’t connect with their tenants. They add properties, conduct transactions, submit maintenance requests, view reports, enter listings, etc., but don’t ever invite their tenants to join. No doubt TenantCloud is making their lives easier, but it could be doing even more! If this describes you, we want to make sure you’re experiencing all that TenantCloud has to offer.

Being a landlord comes with a specific set of responsibilities—and sometimes headaches. Don’t let interacting with your tenants be one of them. Some landlords require the use of TenantCloud among their tenants from the time of move-in. If you already have tenants living in your property, it’s easy to send them an invite asking to connect. Not only will this make your rent collection uber-simple—it doesn’t get much easier than receiving payments that deposit directly into your bank account—but will also help you stay on top of tenant tasks, documentation, and messaging. 

Read on for more information about how TenantCloud can simplify your tenant interactions.

Read on for more information about how TenantCloud can simplify your tenant interaction:

  1. Online payments

    With the use of one of our three online payment methods—Dwolla, PayPal, or Stripe (learn more about them here)—rent deposits right into your bank account. Tenants receive automatic invoices, and their payments register in your accounting once completed. Could it be any easier? 

    Additionally, you can check the status of your payments, add additional invoices, charge late fees, and even more.

  2. Maintenance requests

    our tenants live in the rental, so who better to let you know when something needs to be repaired? Their TenantCloud Tenant Profile is designed for just that. When a tenant submits a request, you have the ability to connect with your maintenance person right in TenantCloud. and assign the request to them. You can then upload pictures and videos of the problem, link equipment, add supplies and materials needed, and attach invoices. Both you and your tenant can share details on specific work orders in only a few seconds. 

    Learn more about maintenance requests here.
  3. Communication made effortless

    For instant communication, we built a chat called TC Messenger which allows you to send messages and share files. Now you can stay in better contact with your tenants while receiving fewer phone calls. 

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