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How Messaging All Your Tenants At Once Can Save You Time

December 26, 2017

You all know that being a Landlord requires time and effort. Communicating with your tenants is a large part of that time. You reach out to each of your tenants, call them, write to them or leave voice messages. The more tenants you have the longer it takes to get ahold of them and that is more work for you. But what about one message to all your tenants? For example, you run a property with 50 units and you need to text all the tenants that tomorrow will be street sweeping day. I know your pain,  writing to each tenant separately is a harsh way to spend an afternoon and an evening. Not easy, time consuming and annoying. To save time you might even post flyers on the front entrance of the building. That is why you now have available a way to write a message once and sent it to all your tenants at the same time.

The answer is: Property Message Board by TenantCloud.

Why Use Property Message Board

Property Message Board is a place where landlords and tenants can communicate and share files within the bounds of one property. This is a digital message board for tenants. I’m sure you will agree, that writing to each tenant separately is time consuming. And publicly making notices on your building might give sensitive information to thieves or burglars passing by. And Using the Message board allows all tenants to share a place digitally.  Landlords can post building wide notices or share files while tenants can share different announcements like items for sale (or wanted for purchase), upcoming events of interest, list of found items, etc. Landlords have also the ability to turn on/off the tenants’ rights to publish on board. You can communicate, you can discuss problems, get suggestions. Also, property message board allows tenants and landlords to attach files, share pictures and it all can be done just in digital walls of one building.

How to Find Property Message Board Tab in TenantCloud

To access the Property Message Board, make it active in the Property Board widget while editing the property, then press “view board” (available in Advanced and Premium payment plans only). When you go to the property view, you will see the message board activated. You click to view it and voila, you get your digital corkboard - a place to mass communicate.

Property Message Board

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