Well, I must admit that I’m a big pack rat. I find it hard to throw things away, as I always think it may be of use some time later. But such a habit may be not be the best, as it consumes much space in my rental. It’s not an option to store everything in big ordinary cardboard boxes and keep them in a living room. But it is a great option to store things in creative ways all around the place.

So, if you also find yourself living in a rental property that lacks storage, here are a few tips.

1. Ok, Use Boxes... but Only Cute Ones

Cardboard boxes are good, but not to show off in your living room. Find a stack of boxes that match to overall interior and place them in the corner of a room. It may look very elegant and modern. You don’t always have to pay too much, as today you can find different boxes, like wicker or metal, plastic or nice colorful cardboard.

home storage from boxes

2. Make an Interesting Place of Your Books

You can look for a few planks of wood and use stacks of your books to prop them up to make a shelf. This construction excellently saves you space, as you’re using an item that needs to be stored to help store other items. Genius! If you have many books, you can do this in each room.

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home storage of books

3. Hook Some Hooks

It’s really a great tip to purchase some hooks for your rental. Over-the-door hooks are the best option, as they don’t contain adhesive, and you can easily hang coats, jackets, maybe towels if it’s in your bathroom. Removable adhesive hooks are also a great choice, you can put them wherever you want and they come in different shapes and colors. But first, test them on your walls to make sure they are truly removable and stick well.

home storage solutions

4. No Pantries? No Worries

It’s not a problem if there’s no pantry in your new kitchen. Use a bookshelf and get a creative;  an open pantry to keep all of your dry cooking supplies.  By the way,  you can buy jars of different shapes and colors to keep the cooking supplies. Put plates and cups to make your open pantry look organized and original.

home storage solutions

5. Coat Racks

Modern coat racks take up very little space in your home and will provide you with a place to keep almost all your outerwear, like coats, sports bags, scarves and handbags, so they are not strewn around on your limited floor space. Also, this will give your guests a warm welcome with a tidy entry.  

home storage

6. Shelves in the Air

Hanging a shelf from the ceiling adds flair to your space while also serving as a convenient spot to place your stuff. If you have already crowded walls or simply want to hang a shelf over a kitchen island or other central feature, a swinging shelf would be the perfect decision.

home storage solutions

7. Witty chairs

The space-saving chairs can be a great option if you are in need of chairs and additional space at the same time. Modern stores provide a variety of colours, materials, finishes, and styles whether you are looking for such witty chairs.

home storage solutions


How do you find these methods? If you have any other ideas how to save more space in your rental, share them in comments.


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